MC Shan Accuses Marley Marl Of Stealing Beats [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • January 15, 2012 • No Comments

In his very own series of “True Stories” MC Shan responds to Masta Ace’s “True Hip-Hop Stories” narrative. In his clip Ace said that –according to Marley–Shan refused to be on “The Symphony” because he felt he was above working with “rookies”.

Shan gives his side of the story here and also says that Marley Marl took credit for beats he didn’t make.

“Marley had this trick where he said ‘let’s make a tape, let’s make a tape’ and it would become a record,” he says. “Marley did sucka shit, I already did ‘Marley’s Scratch’ and didn’t get paid for it…how many of ya’ll got paid for ‘In Control’? Not a dime…All those joints you thought Marley produced? G-Rap, Biz, Kane and them came in the studio with they own beats. Marley threw them in the sampler and put his name on it. My songs was the only one’s Marley had to work for and tap out beats. And Claudio was the one who brought in the Honey Drippers (break) for “The Bridge.”

Watch the full clip. (spotted at

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