Juicy J & DJ Paul’s 10 Best Willie Hutch Samples

JLBarrow • December 13, 2011 • No Comments

My peoples at TheSmokingSection.net are definitely on my wavelength this week. While I prep for my interviews with the Leon Huff and Lenny Williams (who both have NEW music coming out) I spotted this great list on Three 6’s use of Willie Hutch samples.

While I love when Three 6′s Juicy J and his production partner DJ Paul create the type of riot-inciting, elbow-throwing, mosh pit music they shut down clubs throughout the south with for years. Still, there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, better than when they get their fingers dusty with a Willie Hutch record.

Writer, producer, arranger and all-around soul man Willie Hutch (born Willie Hutchinson) got his start singing in a doo-wop group as a teenager in Dallas, TX. Soon after high school, he moved back to his hometown of Los Angeles to start his professional music career. After a few years as a writer, producer and solo artist, he caught the eye of star-maker extraordinaire, Berry Gordy, and became a jack of all trades for Motown records in the 1970s. In addition to collaborating with Michael Jackson, Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye, he recorded the soundtracks to seminal Blaxploitation films The Mack and Foxy Brown, and other solo albums that comprise the bulk of the source material that would be later ravaged by Juice, Paul and countless others.

And while other producers did Mr. Hutch justice, the Memphis crew’s combination of orchestral ’70s strings and smoky vocal samples with 808s and hi-hats just can’t be beat. In the pages that follow, we handpicked 10 of their best Willie Hutch hijacks. NORF! NORF!


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