Salaam Remi Shares Stories From Amy Winehouse’s ‘Lioness: Hidden Treasures’

JLBarrow • December 06, 2011 • No Comments

Amy Winehouse’s posthumous album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures is in stores today. My peeps at Vibe caught up with producer Salaam Remi before the Lioness listening session at Quad Studios in New York City and asked him to give insight into the making of several songs.

The title is really just about halftime as far as musically speaking, like when you’re playing something fast and you break it down halftime, time to slow it down and the music was really a metaphor for musical terminology. You know the melody strokes went hard and beat’s real soulful. It was never on a record. It was a song that she wrote. She was writing that the same time that I met her. But that was something that we had from early on. She wanted to do a super group with Questlove and — kinda like a jazzy thing. That’s what she wanted to do. And so I approached Quest about doing what was spoken about and made it happen.


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