Heavy D On The Beats (R.I.P.)

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Today hip-hop lost one of  its true artists and a gentleman. Dwight “Heavy D” Myers died today at the age for 44. Many will remember his contributions on the mic and on the screen, but we’d be remiss if we overlooked Heav’s work behind the boards for his Soul on Soul Productions. In addition to co-producing most of Waterbed Hev with Tony Dofat, The Overweight Lover produced many classics and a few that flew under the radar. Here is a small sampling. R.I.P Heavy D.

Monifah “I Miss You (Come Back Home)
This undeniable groove was vintage Hev with just enough thump for your “jeeps” but plenty melody to keep the ladies on the dance floor.

Jay-Z “Guns & Roses”
Hev flipped the Cake’s “Arco Arena” for this collabo between Hov and Lenny Kravitz on The Blueprint 2.

Soul For Real, “Every Little Thing I Do”
The Gap Band’s “Outstanding” plays the background in this follow-up to “Candy Rain.”

Beanie Sigel, “Feel It In The Air”
This was a standout track from Sigel’s The Becoming that sampled ole Lotta Something Goin’ On by Raphael Ravenscroft

Timbaland & Magoo – I Got Luv For Ya

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