Ja Rule, “New York” (Dru World Order Remix)

JLBarrow • September 01, 2011 • No Comments

It’s been a long minute since I’ve dropped a homegrown remix on the Nodfactor massive. The day job has kept your man off the PC and whatever free time I’ve had has been eaten up doing interviews or playing Street Fighter IV on the iPad. But excuses are wack. The truth is that I don’t like putting corny shit up and I got such a great response to my Mos Def “Mathematics” remix that I didn’t want to put up anything less than that.

After a minute I think I’ve cooked up something comparable. I was going through my 90s R&B and looped up Dru Hill’s remix to “Beauty” and let it marinade for a few weeks. I even let one of my favorite MCs hear it, but I butchered my early attempts to put acapellas over it. I stepped back and stopped over-thinking it and went back to the basics.

Pete Rock’sfirst rule of remixing is to listen to the original over and over …and over before you try to do it over. So when I found this acapella I went to Youtube and played the video about 8 times until I felt confident in the drums and where the vocals fell. When I finally played my beat I smiled cuz it was almost a perfect match. After tweaking the vocals a tad to fall in the pocket I just let it ride.

But even after I felt it was ready I sent it out to be proofread and the answer came back:

“Nah it sounds like it’s on, mane!!!!”

So here it is, Ja Rule’s “New York” remixed by yours truly. Send me feedback @JLBarrow on Twitter.


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