Q-Tip Calls Low End Theory Snares “N*gga Drums”

JLBarrow • July 15, 2011 • No Comments

In the latest “Full Clip” for Vibe magazine Q-Tip goes through all of his productions for Mobb Deep, Nas and A Tribe Called Quest, including the classic Low End Theory. In one moment of pride he describes the very aggressive drums that punctuated the album:

If you could describe the Tribe snare sounds on this album they sound like nigga drums. These are some epic drum sounds that will tear your fucking head off. And there are ways you can get that sound on different levels too. The drums don’t always have to be super loud. When you listen to ‘Electric Relaxation’ the drums are not trying to kill you. It’s [very much] controlled. But even if it’s a smaller sounding beat you want the tone to be like at any moment the tone of these drums can go from 5 to 10! That’s the whole vibe of Tribe’s drum sound I was trying to go for.


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