9th Wonder And Kenneth Price At Wonder Years Screening [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • June 29, 2011 • No Comments

Last year 9th Wonder told us that his album The Wonder Years may never come out, but at least his documentary of the same name will. “I make life music,” was one the first things that the Grammy Award winning producer said in his documentary The Wonder Year. For the next hour and twenty minutes he showed the lucky (and tipsy) crowd gathered at The Redbull Space in NYC exactly how and why.

Director Kenneth Price used minimal theatrics and a keen eye to allow one of the most articulate people I’ve ever met tell his story. While the project was conceived in December of 2009 the actual time span covered was no mere 12 months.  In fact, every achievement in 9th Wonder’s now twelve-year music career was assigned a month; (Producing “Threats” for Jay-Z was in July, teaching college was August, etc.) rounding out the trip around the sun.

Time didn’t permit me sitting down with 9th and Mr. Price at the Redbull Space this time around but some more patient folks from The Source and RapRadar.com got around the security guards to interview them both, as well as Young Guru.

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