Jean Grae, “Casebasket” [Prod By Boogie Blind]

JLBarrow • June 17, 2011 • No Comments

After dropping anvils Bugs Bunny-style on Pharoahe Monchs’ “Assassins” and Talib Kweli’s “Uh Oh” @JeanGreasy finally gives us a piece of her DJ Drama hosted “Cookies and Comas” mixtape called “Casebasket.” DJ Boogie Blind provides the sonic baking sheet for Jean’s multiple personalities to argue over. Between this and that Nas joint that dropped it’s been a great week for #teamlyrics. Her album Cake Or Death is coming to an iPod near you soon. (spotted @ YearOfTheBlackSmith)

“A super jerk/ call me Clark Kent of the sperm bank…” – Jean Grea

Jean Grae “Casebasket” by 3DDistro

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