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JLBarrow • May 31, 2011 • No Comments

For those of you new to the site, welcome to my self-indulgent corner of Nodfactor where I post my homemade beats. For the faithful, welcome back!

For this installment I used my day job connects to procure a copy of the score to True Grit. I named the first beat “True Grits” trying to one-up Tyler Perry but all of the elements (except the drums) are taken from the track “Talk About Suffering.”  The jacked up part is that I left my PC running and Windows hijacked my Alien for an update. So when it restarted I lost this session. Sucks right?
[audio:14 Talk About Suffering.mp3]

The second beat is something I simply called “The Dope” because that’s exactly what that track was called on the CD.  I naturally gravitated towards the song in the track list because of the title. “How could that NOT be hip-hop?” I thought. I did find some parts I liked but I have been pushing myself into 2011 thanks to conversations with DJ Khalil and !llmind. I love sampling and will never stop doing it, but sometimes you want to color outside the lines so I brought in some synth courtesy of Sytrus and well…check it out.
[audio:The Dope.mp3]
[audio:19 The Dope.mp3]

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