Apollo Brown – The Times f. Oddisee [DOWNLOAD]

JLBarrow • April 07, 2011 • No Comments

After listening to this I just want to disconnect from the b.s. of the Internet for the rest of the day. Things we think are important really aren’t. Last week you heard Has-Lo & Apollo Brown join forces on Heirlooms,  but this week it’s Oddisee & Apollo Brown on The TimesOddisee, who is half Sudanese, doesn’t normally bring his politics to the table, but in this rare moment Oddisee offers an entire song devoted to the turbulent changes occurring in Northern Africa, in particular the historic vote that split his home country of Sudan into two separate nations.  The Republic of Southern Sudan is now the newest African nation: listen to Oddisee break his thoughts down over the Apollo Brown beat.

Listen deep as Oddisee reveals some of his most personal, political, and poignant lyrics ever:
“Indeed, congratulations are in order / I’m from north of the border / responsible for the slaughter / I was always on their side / for them I’ma always ride / bein’ raised in the states I learnt we in the same tribe”

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