REWIND: Tanya Morgan’s “Never Enough” Remix

JLBarrow • March 27, 2011 • 1 Comment


A few days ago we put ya’ll onto’s Tanya Morgan Remix Contest. Though I’m not officially entering you know I couldn’t pass up on working with a dope acapella. This contest has been over, but if you haven’t picked up Brooklynati by now make sure get a check for $12 $5 from your grandma and make it happen on iTunes.

As with a lot of my remixes I like to do word association, so I literally searched for “Never Enough” in my iTunes catalog and Amel Larrieux’s “Never Enough” from the Love Jones soundtrack popped up. This was gonna be fun.

I listened to the song and played the acapella in FL at the same time to get a sense for what parts would work. (They conveniently labeled the acapella at 95 BPMS so I didn’t have to tap it out. )After isolating the breaks I  commenced to chopping. After I had all of the sounds and pieces I arranged them a few different ways until I liked what I heard. I added some low pass filtering to certain sections to bring the bass out and that was it. Peep it and let me know what you think.

[audio:Never Enough Remix.mp3]

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