50 Cent, “Ghetto Like A…” The Remixes

JLBarrow • March 21, 2011 • 2 Comments

A few days ago I posted 50 Cent “Ghetto” remixes by Chops and CHI and invited anyone within earshot to send me their remix to my Twitter account @JLBarrow.  After hearing them I wished 50 had provided a true acapella. Forcing us to use the elements he provided is limiting but here are some of the submissions we’ve gotten so far:

Nic Nash

50 Cent – Ghetto {Like a Maufucker} (Remix) [Prod. by Nic Nash] by Nic Nash

50 Cent-Ghetto by IAmAvalanche

Brainiac Beats

50 Cent – Ghetto Like A MotherFcker [Freestyle] by B.Ayers

Brian C Walls

50 Cent – Ghetto Like A Mutha (Brian C Walls Completion) bwmajesty@comcast.net by Max Majesty

Da Fingaz

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