Justin Bieber & Usher Happy Birthday Song [Mysto & Pizzi vs. Agent Jackson Remix]

Christopher B. • March 01, 2011 • No Comments

In support of the American Cancer Society.

We believe that every birthday is a victory. Another year that cancer has not prevailed. And so does Justin Bieber. He supported the American Cancer Society again this year because he wants to see a world with less cancer and more birthdays.To celebrate, Usher sent him this video of them singing “Happy Birthday” together, remixed by Mysto & Pizzi vs Agent Jackson. Justin and Usher are 2 of many artists and musicians who have joined the movement for more birthdays and generously donated their time and talent to sing their own special rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song, inspired by the lifesaving work of the American Cancer Society. Watch this video, then go to http://morebirthdays.com to join the movement and get involved.

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