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JLBarrow • February 17, 2011 • No Comments

Posted this a while back…bringin it back like a boomerang for Jigga’s Birfday…. Just because

Jay-Z I know video

Addiction is a bitch…sometimes literally. You spend so much time trying to recreate that first high. Sometimes you come close (again.. literally) and other times you lay there in the throws of futility waiting to come down enough to resume the chase. I am addicted to this beat shit, which makes it that much harder when I lose something. Yes, I fugged up big time.

This remix of Jay-Z’s “I Know” came from a moment of inspiration. A friend of mine told me the song had taken on special significance because of this girl they were involved with. I personally hadn’t listened to the track much because it reminded me too much of T.I.s “Why You Wanna.” But they told me “listen to it, he’s saying some shit.” So I did and while on the surface it’s about drug addiction it’s more about physical addiction of a carnal nature. For some reason Donna Summer’s “Love To Love You” popped into my mind and I thought it would be the perfect backdrop for a remix to this song. So I patiently listened to it from beginning to end and picked out different parts I could isolate. But I impatiently dumped all of my work into a folder on my desktop so I could access them quickly. It was going to be tricky because the disco record is significantly faster than the 84bpms of Jiggas song. So I had to slow it down without it sounding chopped and screwed. After about two hours I had it done to my satisfaction.

I played it in my car and found the bass to be a just a tad heavy, but when I went back to fix it I realized I’d done something dumb. Remember that folder with all the breaks? I’d moved it from my desktop to my main music folder so FL couldn’t find them anymore. The channels with the breaks were empty. *sigh* So the version you are hearing is literally one of a kind. Even if I go back and piece it together it won’t be quite the same, but you know I’m an addict. The chase is will resume…

[audio:Jay-Z_I Know_Nodfactor.mp3]

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