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Christopher B. • January 26, 2011 • 3 Comments

While some may not be familiar with Phoenix you def know about his work if you’re a Curtis Jackson fan. He obtained his first big placement last year producing 50’s “Flight 187” and has jumped off this year with the posse cut “Home Team“. Now Phoenix prepares us for what else he’s got in store this year.

NF: Your first release of the new yr was a big one (Home Team features Wes Fif, Big K.R.I.T. Cyhi Da Prynce and The Dreamer) and it’s the lead track from your upcoming project “Tomorrow Today”. Can you provide more details on the project such as the meaning behind the title, other featured artists, and over all what we should expect with your first released compilation?

Phoenix: Something I always hear is “your music doesn’t sound like anything out.” So many people, both artists and producers seem to be content with just fitting in. My goal is always to stand out. While everyone is trying to copy what worked yesterday I’m trying to bring the music of Tomorrow to Today. So far I have a dope line up of up and coming artists who share that same mentality like Muffy , Ghostwidah, Pbze, Lil Friday plus signed acts like Bad Boy’s Jeremy Greene.

NF: I understand you have an instrumental project set to release this week titled “Heart” but its not the a-typical instrumental ep, how would you describe it?

Phoenix: Heart is a 100% expression. It’s me doing what I want with no filter.

NF: So what made you choose to create an ep that’s more musical expression than anything else?

Phoenix: Before I got started with Tomorrow Today and linked with those artist trying to stand out, I kept running into the same problem. I got tired of hearing “hey can you you make me a beat that sounds like *fill in the blank*”. Even worse was when I was told “man this is amazing but it doesn’t sound like anything out”, I’m like yea that’s the point. I decided to cut the middle man out and let my fans hear my art.

NF: Why not just release an ep of beats artists can rap to, wouldn’t that in theory have more reach or more impact?

Phoenix: Heart is more than just rap beats, if you’re a dope artist who doesn’t want to get on BMF part 12 then this is for you. The music stands on its own though and you can vibe out without that aid. I can’t tell you about theory though . I can only put out dope music I love and hope my fans agree.

NF: You were a solo producer before joining The Soundkillers, talk about the creative differences between being on your own and part of a team.

Phoenix: Our writer Dion Primo was just going in and wrote about 20 amazing songs in a week, no fillers. That got another dope writer/producer Shamtrax on his grind & he made some crazy records for his e.p (love + time= lessons) . Now I was working on a track when I heard those records but had to stop. I deleted everything I was working on and went back in. A good team will always remind you where the bar is and where it should be. Its easy to get comfortable where you are musically as a solo producer. Everybody on the team is pushing the envelope and putting out quality music consistently. When you see its a Soundkillers production you know what it is.

NF: What about business wise, how have things changed for you?

Phoenix: The networking is also a lot easier now, we all bring our relationships & contacts to the table and pool them together. Even if your the creative part of a team you always have to keep your business hat on. With that being said it’s great to have people around you with your best interest at heart , working as hard for the team as they do themselves . If one person on that team wins then our stock rises and we all win.

NF: I understand that “Flight 187” was released prior to being the i-tunes bonus track, whats the story behind that?

Phoenix: I Almost had a heart attack. A few months prior to the leak I get a call from my manager saying 50 wanted that beat. That was something I worked on specifically for 50 back when he was working on “Curtis” so to get a chance to see my vision come together was amazing. About 4 months after that call I get an email from my manager saying check out ThisIs50. I don’t where the miscommunication happened but I log on and see a Tony YaYo video with the same beat. Not only was it just a mixtape track but the mix wasn’t right which is my number 1 pet peeve as a producer. I was angry the track leaked at first but I’ve dealt with this before and it’s something I’ve learned that you have to accept as part of of the game . I stayed positive because at the end of the day its still a look with a major artist . Luckily 50 still had a dope song he wanted the world to hear. I’m blessed he didn’t just scrap the record.

NF: What was your first reaction when you heard Royce had laid something down to your beat?

Phoenix: Mama I made it! I’ve been a huge Royce fan since Stretch Armstrong and Future Flavas was running Hot97. The gratification you feel from just getting a check for a beat can never compare to having someone that you’re truly a fan of show appreciation for your art.

NF: So we have “Heart” and “Tomorrow Today” scheduled for release, anything else that your a part of slated to come out this yr?

Phoenix: Definitely. Next up is Wes Fif’s “Golden Nights” e.p dropping in March. I’m going show the world its deeper than trap with Fif. We have Dion Primo’s project “H.O.M.E” coming soon. You can look out for the entire Soundkillers behind Jovi Rockwells e.p also this summer. In the meantime just Stay tuned to www.thesoundkillers.com/blog and we’ll keep blessing y’all with dope music.

NF: Any placements that have yet to be released?

Phoenix: I have a lot great things in motion with some big artists but I’ll leave it at that for now. I’ve learned It’s not placement until that checks clears. I’m not waiting for those placements to put out great music anymore though.

For more music from Phoenix and the rest of The Soundkillers you can visit the blog portion of their site here.

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