K.O. Beatz On Homeboy Sandman’s “Strange Planet”

JLBarrow • January 10, 2011 • 1 Comment
Name: K.O. Beatz
From: Queens, NY via Chicago
Work: Homeboy Sandman’s “Strange Planet”, The Good Sun, “Stick ‘Em’ P.SO f/ Fresh Daily

1) How and when did you start producing? Did you have any mentors? What equipment did you start with?

I started producing when I was a senior in high school.  I started out with DJ equipment along with a sampler and started making loops.  Shortly after that, I got my first keyboard, it was a Yamaha.  My friends and fellow artists recognized my potential skills so they put money together and purchased me a drum machine.  I didn’t have any personal mentors, but there were people that influenced and inspired me. My mother being one of them, the creativity side comes from her. Musical inspiration started when I heard Eric Sermon’s production with EPMD, Timbaland, Premo, Dr.Dre, and Pete Rock. They are all real inspiration of mine, just to name a few. I also love classical music including Bach, Mozart and Hayden..

2) Who was your first placement? How did you land it?
Homeboy Sandman was my first placement. I met Sandman at an open mic and became a huge fan of his work. I went to many of his shows and supported him. He was also an inspiration. Homeboy Sandman and I stayed in contact with each other and discussed upcoming projects.

3) How did you make the HomeBoy Sandman beat for “Strange Planet”? What was the inspiration?
I sent him different beats, ranging from boom bap to the more obscure and melodic tracks, H.S. said that he wanted something “fresh” and I decided to go a bit different from my normal style. At the time of making “Strange Planet”  I was listening to a lot of jazz music and it gave me that relaxing feel. It was one of the last tracks he listened to and immediately he was really vibing to the track. We were both very pleased and proud with the final song.
4) Some of the comments on Youtube say this is their favorite beat on the album. How does that feel?
Since this beat is different from some of my other work, I really appreciated the fans choosing “Strange Planet” as one of their favorite songs.

5) Have you been in any beat battles, showcases or competitions?
Yes most recently i participated in the IStandard Producer Showcase in NYC and have also participated in a showcase/beat battle at Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

6) You have an instrumental album coming out in May called The Journey. Why that title? How long have you been working on it?

The song, “The Journey’ will be starting this album and each song is going to take you on a voyage. Every track is going to be its own composition. This is going to be a soundtrack of instrumentals that the listeners can enjoy and create their own stories using their imagination. I’ve been working on this album for several months, the process has included working with musicians, instrumentalist, and new tools to bring something different to the fans.

7) Anything else coming up in 2011 that you want to share?

Yes, Chivalry Music Group. A collective of like minded musicians working to make music we believe in and supporting those outside of the collective as well. Along with writing and producing music other goals are to host events for the music community and mentoring young musicians. For beats check out http://www.kobeatz.com those looking for complete songs, hooks, and production check out.. http://www.chivalrymusicgroup.com and email us at chivalrymusicgroup@gmail.com follow me on twitter at http://twitter.com/kobeatz and http://twitter.com/chivalrymusic

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