Saigon: “We All Need Just Blaze!” [VIDEO]

JLBarrow • January 07, 2011 • 4 Comments

Saigon and Just Blaze as Guru and DJ PremierSaigon’s The Greatest Story Never Told will finally be coming out in February. My history with Sai  goes all the way back to my days at The Source magazine when my fellow editor Gotti would bring him by the office and bump “Favorite Things” ten times a day. Then when I became EIC of Scratch I recreated Gangstarr’s Daily Operation cover with Saigon and Just Blaze. I’ve been waiting THAT long for this album and thankfully much of what he played me then made the final cut and still sounds new.

Recently I interviewed him for my other site and saved his conversation about Just Blaze for my Nodfactor fam.

I asked him about Just Blaze’s alter ego Red 5ive, how it came about and how his sound evolved as a result.

“Just Blaze created a sound with ‘Believe It…he ended up using it again on ‘Live Your Life’ and ‘All The Above’…”

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