Ayatollah, “Fingertips” Cover Art And Tracklist

JLBarrow • January 06, 2011 • 1 Comment

One of the hardest working producers out Ayatollah has yet another album dropping this year, Fingertips on February 11, 2011.

“I get peace of mind from doing instrumental albums,” explains Tollah.  “There’s no words to lead you in any one direction.  Plus I don’t have to wait on rappers to finish the creations.  I like the freedom of it.”

Download the free track “It Came From His Fingertips” (PAUSE) by clicking here.

1. The Entrance
2. Some Superfly Shit
3. Brotherly Love
4. Change
5. The Battle
6. Listen To This
7. It Came From His
8. Atlantis
9. Waiting For A Miracle
10. Nod Your Head
11. I Am What I Am
12. Funky Fresh
13. A Penny For Your
14. Black
15. Taking A Walk
16. Illmatic
17. Nothing But The Best
18. Plain As Day
19. Could It Be Him
20. Relaxation

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