DJ Premier Discusses Unreleased Jay-Z Diss Record

Christopher B. • December 09, 2010 • 1 Comment

DJ Premier recently spoke with The Well Versed for their “Dropping Gems Series” and during their sit down he did just dat. Regarding records that never saw the light of day this is what Premier had to say.

DJ Premier: There was a record I did with Sinead O’ Connor –a remix to “Famine,” about the potato famine. But right before it came out she went through her breakdown and controversy and she shut down completely. We were label mates at the time so that’s the reason why I got the gig. She was also a Gang Starr fan, and a fan of my production. It never came out and I really, really wanted it to. It was a really good record. There was also a record with MOP. We did one for their last album. We should have talked about maybe revamping it and doing it, but that record was so raw. It never came out and I don’t know if it ever will, but hopefully one day it will see the light of day.

There’s a Jay-Z one where he was getting a little slick at a lot of people. I won’t even say their names. He said a lot of slick shit about a lot of people from the era he was coming through when he was just coming out with Reasonable Doubt. He was airing them out and doing it properly. If he had done it, he would have been respected for it. He did it so dope, and so cleverly, and he was so witty with it. But he erased it, so it’s going to be a memory I take to the grave. But it’s all gravy because Jay and I are good friends so I would never violate him like that.

For both parts of the interviews click below.

Dropping Gems Part 1

Dropping Gems Part 2

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1 Comment

  • juiceboxjackson • 10 years ago

    how much money you think 50 would throw at Primo to get that record?? You know 50 would wanna release it and try and spark a beef out of it…