Bloggin 4 Beatz: Here Comes The Lord Vader

JLBarrow • November 29, 2010 • No Comments

The first time I played Star Wars The Force Unleashed I thought, “damn that Emporer’s theme would be a dope beat.” However, the first time I tried to work with Vader’s theme music it I kept it just as is overlaying some drums. I didn’t like it. I just stashed the break in folder and figured inspiration would return.

Last week  I reconnected with Lord Have Mercy after several years thanks to King Karnov and the whole “lord” thing was rattling around in my head. When I finally sat down to make a beat Thanksgiving night (first time in a minute)  I remembered the Lord Vader sample and decided to try something different.  I reversed it, changed the pitch and made it an angry swarm of  bees drunk on power.


Sometimes the sample doesn’t have to SOUND like the sample, but knowing me I’ll be trying something more traditional yet again. I’ll keep you all posted.

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