The Tweets Is Watching: Joe Budden Beat Jacks Just Blaze

Christopher B. • October 26, 2010 • No Comments

Wow. Is nothing sacred? Now we all may know Joe Budden for being part of Slaughterhouse, he may have internet soldiers ready to go to war with MM4 as their theme music, but the majority of people that know of Joe Budden know him for mainly one thing, “Pump It Up”. You all remember that right? The hit record that Just Blaze produced, the only hit record of Joe Budden’s career, not that that’s a knock on him, most artists go their entire career searching for the one record that puts them on another plateau. Apparently the past is the past though. The tweets were watching when Just took to twitter this morning and let it be known that “Stuck In The Moment” off of Mood Muzik 4 was produced by him and it was not released to Joe. I’ve looked for an official list of credits and the only production list I can find appears here, where it states that “Stuck In The Moment” was produced by Emile. Hmmm, and the plot thickens. Respect to Just Blaze for letting his feelings be known and not deleting the tweets five minutes after like Mr. West does.

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