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The producer game is so over saturated, they’re the new rapper in that sense. A lot has to do with the growth in techonology it’s because of these advances that anyone with a fast moden and some hard drive space can download the latest software and front like they’re Dre, or Just, or Ye. When you speak with producers, established and up & coming they all share one thing in common, the lack of opportunity and difficulty they find in obtaining placements. Now imagine being 5,014 miles apart from where the music industry lives, breathes, creates. That’s the challenge Brainiac Beats aka El Cerebo is faced with and he’s not backing down!

NodFactor: Give people a little background info on yourself and what you’ve accomplished to date.

Brainiac Beats: My name is Brainiac Beats, better known as El Cerebro in the Spanish scene. I’ve been DJing since ’97 & producing since ’98. I got signed with my group Rhajha (2003-2007) by a big label in Barcelona releasing a single & an album. I then created my own indie record label called Gris Materia, with which I officially released 2 CDs + 6 vinyls. The most important album that I released was “Simbiosis”, which was the first & is still the only one in the worldwide Spanish hip hop scene that combines an international artist and a Spanish one in each track. There were more than 30 artists supporting this big album: Emilio Rojas, Cesar Comanche, Freestyle (ex-Arsonists), El Gant, Verbal Kent, Euphrates or Qwel to name a few. I’ve been DJing all around Spain sharing the stage with the likes of Wu Tang, Redman, Nas, Xzibit, DITC, Guru, the list goes on. I also represented Spain DJing at international events such as “WELCOME: MADRID!” in Sweden (2006). I’ve also produced tracks for artists like AG (DITC), Noah Jones, Nikal Fieldz, St.Laz, Rickie Jacobs or D.Julien to name a few.

NF: How did you first get involved in producing?

BB: I always loved to loop samples on tape since I was a kid…plus I took piano lessons for a couple of years. It was after buying my first computer in 1998 when I started learning how to produce on Fast Tracker, then moved to Acid, then MPC+Cubase and so on…

NF: There’s not a lot of producers coming from Spain, Cookin Soul are the one’s that make the most noise. Have you ever worked with them or do you view them as your direct competition?

BB: There are a lot of Spanish talented producers but Cookin Soul are def the ones doing the most noise out there. We’ve never worked together but who knows in the future? We respect each other’s work and I think we are working in the same direction representing Spain worldwide. Any talented producer grinding hard is a form of healthy competition that motivates me!

NF: What obstacles do you face when trying to build your brand in the US?

BB: Well obviously the distance is a handicap to create and develop relationships but nowadays with internet it’s a lot easier to communicate. For example some major label execs found my work online and we started developing a business relationship from there. But anyways it’s always better to be present there so maybe in the future I’ll move to the US. 

NF: What about working with US artists, have you found that they are open to your style and sound?

BB: Yeah, most of them are pretty open to work as long as the music is hot. Sometimes I think that some of my music is too risky or innovative for certain artists but submitting it here and there I usually find the right artist to rock on it.

NF: How does your sound differ from US based producers?

BB: I’m not the one that should define that, plus there are a lot of different kind of sounds on US based producers. Maybe I’m less influenced by radio and media. My motto is “More style (that endures), less trendiness (that is here today, and gone tomorrow)”.

NF: You attended the Dynamic Producer conference this summer and competed in the “My Beats Are The Illest” Beat Battle, winning the competition. What was that experience like?

BB: It was great because it was totally unexpected! Jaay Peso from Dynamic Producer can tell you how surprised I was. When he told me I was selected to battle the next day I was like…Oh! Really?! lol. I met a bunch of good people from the industry and it was really nice that my sound was so welcomed from so many experienced ears in this business. You got people like Roccett (CTE/Young Jeezy), Keith “Clizark” Clark (12x Multiplatinum producer for Snoop Dogg, Outlawz, …), Rob Knox (Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, …) or J Doe (songwriter for Danity Kane, Busta Rhymes, …) enjoying my music so that’s a big blessing.

NF: What did you take away from the Dynamic conference?

BB: Experiences that taught me a lot. Good relationships with fellow producers, songwriters, A&Rs, managers, attorneys, music supervisors and consultants. It’s a huge constant knowledge exchange, that helps to learn fast and save time.

NF: Would you reccommend the event to other upcoming producers?

BB: Definitely! If you are serious about your business you should invest in yourself.

NF: How did it differ from other workshops and conferences that you have attended?

BB: It was my first conference so I can’t compare. In Spain these kind of events don’t exist yet.
I’ve been to a workshop in Berlin (Germany) some years ago but it was more like a cultural hip hop exchange, much more relaxed and less intense.

NF: What were your thoughts on the other participants who took part in the showcase you won?

BB: There was a lot of talent there man! I was overwhelmed competing with them and I never expected to win. Actually the final was pretty tight with Dawty Music Group, a group of 3 producers that won the last DP Beat Battle in NYC.


Are there any other producers from your region that we should check for?

BB: Sure! You should check for Griffi, Jefe de la M, Big Hozone, Lex Luthorz, Torrico, Sendy, Slash Major and the list goes on and on man! Spain has some serious talent!

NF: What are some of the tracks and/or projects you have lined up?

BB: As for upcoming production I got a track from West Turf featuring Snoop Dogg where I invited Inspectah Deck to do a verse, so that’s the first time they’ll be on a track together. For the end of the year I’ll bring THE LUNCHBOX DVD, a remix dvd fully produced by me with DJ Woogie (from SOD Money Gang, Soulja Boy’s label) backing the project.

NF: Any last words for our readers?

BB: Thanks a lot for reading this interview!
You can check me out at www.brainiacbeats.com and follow me @BrainiacBeats.

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