Dr. Dre Speaks On Influence Of Nottz For Snoop’s “Boss’ Life”

JLBarrow • August 08, 2010 • 5 Comments

It’s no secret amongst hip-hop fans and diggers  that Snoop’s  Dr. Dre produced “Boss’s Life” shares the same sample as Busta’s Nottz-produced “Everybody Rise.”

However, as the late Guru rhymed, “rap is an art you can’t own no loops” but it didn’t stop fans from raising an eyebrow at the common usage of The Controllers “If Tomorrow Never Comes.”

When I interviewed Nottz last year I asked him if he’d given Dre any help finding the sample and he said “hell naw…Dre is gonna do his homework.”

As it turns out Dre did get some help from Nottz, but not directly. When I spoke to the good Dr. for Vibe magazine I asked him about the “Boss’ Life” track and the sample replay and he was very upfront about Nottz’  influence on the beat.

“We listened to the Busta record to replay the music,” he told me matter-of-factly. “It’s just a track that I loved for a long time. I played it for Snoop and he was like ‘yeah!'”

As for anyone  questioning why someone of Dre’s stature would reuse a sample from such a well-known record he said bluntly…

“I understand, but it’s a track that I enjoyed. Do I really need to prove myself anymore? I mean come on. ”

Check and mate.

[audio: Dr Dre On Boss Life_Final.mp3]

Read more of this interview in the next issue of Vibe magazine on stands August 14th!

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