Dr. Dre and Eminem Cover Vibe Magazine

JLBarrow • August 02, 2010 • No Comments

In the next issue of Vibe magazine I sit down with Dr. Dre. We chopped it up on the West Coast for about an hour and a half and honestly the last thing I wanted to talk about was Detox. While we did clear up some misconceptions about the mysterious album  I had way more fun asking him about  The Vibe producer tournament, Cuban Linx 2, meeting Dilla, working with DJ Khalil and what the heck he was thinking when he jacked Nottz on Snoop’s “Boss’s Life” (Yeah. I went there.)

We also talked about the album AFTER Detox. Yup, he’s already started working on it.

I also interviewed 40 and Boi-1da so you can pretty much say this issue was co-sponsored by Nodfactor.com.

Make sure to cop that issue when it drops and maybe, just maybe definitely I’ll have some outtakes here for more loyal readers.

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