REWIND: JLBeezy’s Beat Tape (Nothing To Lose)

jlb_admin • July 16, 2010 • No Comments

(ED NOTE: I’m on vacay in Cancun with the fam so no new beats this week, but there will be more soon, promise!)

Inspiration comes in various forms. Sometimes it’s a swift kick in the pants from one of your peoples and other times it’s more subtle. Recently I’ve been running a blitzkrieg of interviews for the site and a common thread that seems to be coming up is not holding on to shit.

Sean C & LV said everything “must go” in 2010. DJ Babu told me that he’s putting out his Beat Tape Vol 2 because he got tired of sitting on all of these beats he made and even Donwill of Tanya Morgan, who most people don’t now makes beats, admitted that he’d be putting out a tape for his friends finally.

With that said I haven’t updated the blog section with any new beats in a minute so I’ve decided to take the first step in letting it all go:good, bad and ugly.  I can use the feedback. For the most part my beats have a very loyal audience of 1 but I have nothing to lose by posting them here. (CLICK HERE FOR MY LAZY TRACKLISTING)


Also, don’t forget to submit your beats to our Hydrosonics mixtape ( We’ve been catching some heat in the inbox so keep them coming!

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