UPDATE: The Tweets Is Watching: J.U.S.T.C.E. League & Khalil In The Studio?

Christopher B. • July 09, 2010 • No Comments

A personal favorite of mine here at Nodfactor is our Tweets Is Watching posts. Yes we could be labled stalkers for doing it but if you’re on twitter then hey, so are you! Anyway, Rook from the famous JL just had this to say which is going to lead me to wonder a number of things. 1. Which project could they be working on right now, anyone want to speculate? 2. Could the producer gods possibly bless us with a JL and Khalil collaborative record? I know it may sound ridiculous but just think how ridiculously-stupid-dope-out of this world-fresh that beat would be! Stay tuned as we hope to hear more on this encounter.

UPDATE: So I had a nice chat with Khalil and during our conversation I asked him about this tweet from Rook and what session he was referring to. Khalil told me the session took place during JL’s recent trip to LA. The beat that was so incredible is for J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League artist, Laws. Not sure yet if it will be on his debut album, but no matter what we will be hearing it. If you are not familiar with Laws he def is one to watch you can dowload his latest mixtape with Don Cannon here.

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