Bloggin 4 Beats: The Jetsons

jlb_admin • June 15, 2010 • 3 Comments

“2nd Childhood”  Beat series

We had Scooby Doo, Pacman and The Superfriends. Guess Who’s next?

Craig Mack, Pharoahe Monch and countless other MCs have referenced The Jetsons in one rhyme or another, so it was only right that I tinker with some of those futuristic sounds for a beat. Rather than going right after the theme song I just took the doorbell and freaked it. I was actually inspired because somebody on the Long Island Railroad had it as a ring tone. True story.

After tinkering with the bell I stripped everything away and messed with parts of the actual theme song towards the end. So listen through for the beat change and tell me what you think!


UPDATE:  After riding around with the beat for a day I stripped away the first half and just fell in love with the second half. Let me know what you think of the dirty version:

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  • JackNickelz • 11 years ago

    It’s funny that you used this same, because i used the same one for my boy, Casino Dialz(RIP) for his album.

    Its called “Throw Ya City Up”

  • jlb_admin • 11 years ago

    Wattup Jack! Great minds think alike. I’m working on a Fat Albert beat now.