9th Annual Dynamic Producer Conference June 11th-13th

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We are very proud to announce that Nodfactor will be an official sponsor of this year’s hottest producer conference in the country, the 9th annual Dynamic Producer Conference! What makes this conference so special and sets it apart from the rest is the fact that they don’t limit the producers to participate in only one showcase. As you see below there are numerous battles/showcases that take part over the three day event, allowing producers who may specialize in one particular area to really shine. With all the panels and networking opportunities Dynamic Producer is definitely worth the investment. Click here for registration and more info.

Friday, June 11, 2010
10:00am – Bread & Butter: Understand the most important facets of copyrights and publishing that apply to you
1:30pm – Majors Redefined: Learn about the infrastructure of record label A&R divisions,talent development initiatives
4:30pm – Analog Technique: Learn analog secrets to achieving optimal instrument and vocal sound
9:00pm – What The Pro’s Hear: Major A&R’s/Artists/Managers play music that impresses; Attendees then play music
10:00pm – Major Composers – Major producers/songwriters discuss their journey, challenges, triumphs, tools for success
11:00pm – I Make Hits Music Competition – 12 producers battle in 4 categories

Saturday, June 12, 2010
10:00am – Digital Decade: Learn how to sell, license, and distribute your music online
1:30pm – In Sync: Uncover music licensing secrets from buyers/sellers experienced in placements of music in Film, TV, Video Games, etc.
4:30pm – Stellar Sound: Learn how to achieve the best mix you can with what you have
9:00pm – What The Pro’s Play: Major Producers/Songwriters play their top shelf tracks/songs; Attendees then play music
10:00pm – The Chop Shop: 12 producers flip samples & compete against each other
11:00pm – My Beats Are The Illest Beat Battle: 16 producers battle in a competition playing their best Hip-Hop beats

Sunday, June 13, 2010
11:00am – Sound Clash: Learn tips & tricks to creating and manipulating sounds
2:00pm – Executive Producer: Learn how to put together an album project from both a creative and business perspective
5:00pm – Urban Music & Entertainment Keynote: A major industry professional discusses the evolution and future of the music business
8:00pm – Dynamic Soundstage: Dynamic Producer & Songwriter members introduce their artists for groundbreaking live performances
9:00pm – Freestyle Formula Farewell: See what happens when singer/songwriters vibe to and write songs on the spot to beats they never heard before

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