Ariel Borujow Speaks On Just Blaze’s Move To Stadiumred

JLBarrow • February 04, 2010 • No Comments

Just Blaze recently announced that with the closing of Baseline studios that he would be moving his operations to the Stadiumred facilty in Harlem, NYC.

“I’m looking forward to setting up shop with the guys at Stadiumred. I’ve been in this business for 13 years and their vision and drive are the perfect compliment [sic] to what I look to build during the next phase of my career. I’m looking forward to creating something great with them. World domination coming soon!”

Nodfactor spoke with the owner of Westward Music Group and resident of Stadiumred, recording and mix engineer Ariel Borujow about his new neighbor.

“It was more than a decade ago that I first worked with Just Blaze,” he shares. “Our paths have crossed a bunch of times over the years and working together on projects has always been successful. This summer it will be two years since I moved my company, Westward Music Group Inc., up to Stadiumred. The vibe here is like no place else; when Just Blaze came to visit me, it was clear that he would stay. His coming up here brings amazing talent and work ethic to the most collaborative space on the east coast.”

Nodfactor will be heading uptown to interview super producer Omen in the near future and don’t forget to keep sending in those “Ask The Pro” questions for Ariel as well!

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