The Official Nodfactor Hydrosonics Mixtape

Christopher B. • February 03, 2010 • No Comments

For all of you hungry, independent, up coming producers out there that have been wondering about the the details of the Hydrosonics mixtape here you go!

-It will be 15-20 tracks in total
-Illmind will be the host he  and will also play a big part in helping us select the producers/tracks that will be featured on the project
-we will be asking producers that are selected to send in video footage of them making tracks which will be a part of our viral campaign
-the project will be released online to all forms of media, we will also be sending the project to different industry professionals such various A&R’s/Managers/Artists/Etc.

Our goal is to gain exposure for the producers who we essentially deem as the “Best of the Next”. All mixtape participants will be featured in Hydrosonics if they have not already been selected. The expected release is to be next month and we will be taking submissions until the project is complete to our standards so there is no concrete deadline as of yet, we will provide a date once we get closer to our goal.

Send submissions to or

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