COP THAT: DJ Babu’s 39 Beats Of Fury

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You may have noticed that last year I 86’d the reviews section of because I just wasn’t feeling the whole “album review” thing anymore in the age of Facebook, Twitter and leaks.  Qualified opinions are still good to get but the time involved in digesting something properly just didn’t seem worth it to me.  Why? You can read my eulogy for the album review HERE.

That being said I may pull your coat from time-to-time about something I’m feeling. I’m getting ready to conduct another interview with that beat monster DJ Babu for his up-coming Beat Tape 2 and after listening to the 39 –you read that right–beats on this CD I have to give it the “Cop That” stamp of approval.

I mean, come on. Even if you absolutely despise half of the beats that still leaves almost two albums worth of quality shit to spit over or just use as theme music as you bust your peoples ass in NBA 2K10.  If you call yourself an MC and don’t find one beat on here that makes you want to choke out a microphone do us all favor and choke yourself.

For the rest of you listeners  just roll some shit up and float down the street in slow motion Spike Lee style with this in your headphones. Get your George Jetson on. If you drive, just sit in the passenger seat with the ignition keys in your pocket, you’ll still be cruising. Trust me.

DJ Babu’s Beat Tape 2 Drops Feb. 23rd on Nature Sounds


Disc 1

1.                             Intro

2.                             I Don’t  C U

3.                             KDub

4.                             2024

5.                             Earthfire

6.                             No Secret

7.                             Sunshine Days

8.                             Mr. Lone Lee

9.                             Hold The Mark

10.                             Silly

11.                             Yacht Hop

12.                             Forever

13.                             Here I Am

14.                             Nelson’s Cesar Salad

15.                             Takeova

16.                             Ready

17.                             Reneg

18.                             Canned E

19.                             Do Not Dispute

20.                             Gyeah

21.                             Strive To Be A Godfather

22.                             Ghost Romper Room

23.                             Lil’ Juanito

24.                             Shack of Soul

25.                             Dracoola

26.                             Who Can’t Hear

27.                             Blackfoot

28.                             Kallen Durr

29.                             Mortay

30.                             Manferd

31.                             What R U Doin

32.                             Funkydromedary

33.                             I Heart U For All

34.                             Finally

35.                             Elec Trick Sim Phonie

36.                             Innernational Thylee

37.                             Phlip The Track

38.                             Preach B-Dub

39.                             I’m Gonna Stay

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