R.I.P Baseline Studios

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On Thursday January 28th producer/label Exec Just Blaze said good-bye to Baseline Studios. A home-going ceremony was held and documented by photographer Alexander Richter and Nodfactor’s Christopher B will be showing us his video shortly.

Lots of folks have pieced together some of their favorite memories of Baseline, namely the homey Paul Cantor and several others.  I’ve got a few of my own.

The very first time I entered Baseline was to have Jay-Z play the Black Album for The Source staff. I’m just gonna let that sit right there…

The next time after that was to interview Just Blaze for his first feature in The Source magazine. I had been steering away from the rapper coverage and damn near begged my then boss Kim Osorio to grant the feature on the super producer. Just was already killing it on the radio but after seeing him shut down a Beat Society at the Knitting Factory with a guest set I convinced K.O. that the time was now. As with everything Source related there were some political hurdles that I was unaware of that kept the story from happening sooner but the powers that be finally relented.

So after a few attempts were made to meet up I showed up at some u-Godly hour to interview Just in his office at Baseline. You can check out that interview clip HERE.

A short while after that experience I had made my exit from The Source and took over as EIC of Scratch where my first cover was none-other than Just Blaze.  I relinquished the writing duties to my man Sean Sharp for that piece and timing didn’t permit me to attend that shoot, but trust that Just would make it back into the book a few more times.

Later that year I had the idea to do a Year End Roundtable with DJs and producers giving their opinions on what was hot.  So I got Needlz, Mr. Collipark, Cipha Sounds and Just Blaze to gather at Baseline for a piece I called “Sofa Kings” where they debated the merits of Common vs The Yin Yang Twins. Good times were had by all. Just Blaze in his polo and Collipark in a suit and cigar. That’s in that epic Nas/Premier Cover issue we put together.

After that I went back to Baseline to interview Saigon for his dual cover with Just Blaze and for a quick re-up with the MegaTron Don. Sai played me some joints from The Greatest Story Never Told that I have yet to hear anywhere else–yet. I hope the world gets a chance to soon.

The last time I think I was at Baseline was for a joint listening session for Buckshot and 9th Wonder’s  The Formula and Kidz in The Hall’s The In Crowd.  Interviewed them both for the day gig and even chopped it up with Young Guru.

There were probably several other miscellaneous times that I’m forgetting but there was never a bad time had at Baseline and it will definitely be missed.

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