TWEETS IS WATCHING: Jean Grae Selling Ensoniq EPS-16

jlb_admin • January 25, 2010 • No Comments

Yesterday Jean Greasy (Formerly the producer known as Whut Whut) put her Ensoniq EPS-16 up for sale (does this mean no more beats Jean?)

Hit her up on Twitter if you’re interested. Act fast cuz I think Mr. Len had his eyes on it.

The EPS-16+ was an innovative early sampler workstation designed for the 90’s. Its sampler specs are impressive: 16-bit, variable sampling rates from 11.2kHz to 44.6kHz. With a slim 1Mb of memory this gives just about 11.5 seconds of sampling time in mono at 44.6kHz. Editing functions are quite nice: normalizing, sample splicing, merging, phase switching, auto-looping, auto-truncating, sample rate conversion and more. (read more HERE)

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