Bloggin 4 Beats: Hello Brooklyn (Flow Ayers Remix)

jlb_admin • January 06, 2010 • No Comments

I really miss Brooklyn. After living there my entire life I relocated to Queens seven years ago so that I could escape the scourge known as Alternate Side Parking. While you have to be from NY to truly appreciate the inter-Borough wars I’ll go on record to say that it ain’t been that easy. Brooklyn just has intangibles unmatched by any place I’ve set my feet or laid my head.

When I first heard Jay-Z’s  “Hello Brooklyn” I couldn’t fathom why Lil Wayne was on this hook (even now actually). But if Jay could get an expat from New Orleans to sing my home boroughs praises I could only get but so mad (how Bleek feels is another story).

So after attacking a few other Jay-Z acapellas I took a swing at “Hello Brooklyn.” Staying true to my word association formula I sampled portions of Floetry’s “Hello”  and Roy Ayer’s classic, “We Live In Brooklyn, Baby.” I was really tempted to chop Weezy’s hook out of the whole thing and use another vocal but I left it alone for now. Maybe in take 2.5 if I get hold of some Skyzoo Acapellas.

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