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Who: The Beat Chefs, Brian and Rich

From: Atlanta (now in San Francisco and Los Angeles)

What they’ve produced: Raekwon, “Cold Outside” and Pill’s “Glass”

Contact: Twitter.com/BeatChefs

NODFACTOR:How did you link with Rae to get on the biggest album of the year?

Brian:That was probably one of the first songs done for the album, back in 2005. We were down the street from Rae when he was working at DOPPLER in ATL and passed off a CD to the engineer we knew who was working the session. Next thing we were called in to meet with Rae where he started to talk about his vision for the project.

NODFACTOR: What did he share back then?

Brian:That was the first we heard he was working on Pt 2, he was real excited about the project and was real interested in having us do tracks for it. He expressed the magnitude of the album and initially wanted to record multiple tracks with us. We were more than happy that “Cold Outside” lasted this whole time and made the final cut.

NODFACTOR: Indeed. How did the two of you start in production? What equipment did us start with?

Rich: The ASR X Pro, SONAR 6.5 and Motif ES rack have been my main pieces for a number of years. Kept it light with moving around the country quite a bit. I have a PROTEUS 2500 rack and E-MU Vintage Keys Rack which sometimes get some play – and of course records which have just been reduced to a handful since moving out West. PT 101 again for the minute too.

Brian: I’ve been a musician since 5 years old. Started playing piano, moved to guitar at 12, and started to get interested in production around 19. I’m running Logic 8, ASR X Pro, and of course live bass, guitar, and percussion.

NODFACTOR: Ah. Oddissee was telling me about the ASR X. What do you both like about the black box?

Rich: As soon as I saw it, I just kinda knew it was a piece of gear I wanted. [It was] Cheaper than the MPC and I liked the way the keys were laid out. [It]Has a nice warm sound and chopping samples can be done REAL fast. We have the red PRO ASR.

Brian: Like Rich said, I prefer the pads and the warm tone the red box gives to the samples over an MPC any day.

NODFACTOR: The Pills track is dope too. Very different from the Rae track. How do you decide what kind of sound to go with when u make a beat?

Rich: It just kinda happens with me. Both those tracks are sample based, so it really depends on how the sample feels.

NODFACTOR: With both of you in different places how do you collaborate on your productions? Email swapping? iChat?

Brian: When producing for a particular artist, I consider their vision foremost. Outside of specific production related tasks, I like to experiment with all different styles and sounds. I let it flow.

“I prefer to let it flow”, rather. Now that everything is digital it is really no big deal. Rough mixes can be gmailed and entire sessions can be uploaded within 20 minutes We have done an entire album before without setting foot in the studio with the MC we were producing for.

NODFACTOR: Was that Joc?

Brian: No, although we weren’t in the studio for that one either. hahaha. It was Prof’s “Project Gampo” album, prior to “Recession Music” with Ant.

Nodfactor:Do you ever worry that the final product will sound different than what you what you submitted?

Brian:Sometimes. It depends on the artist and the relationship we have with that artist. There are a lot of guys who know how to record themelves and know what they want out of a track. In this case it is usually a pleasant suprise to get back a dope sounding track which is more of a collaborative effort than having to direct an MC on how to record a song.

NODFACTOR: Did you guys ever compete in beat battles?

Brian: We did a couple real early on, with a lot of positive feedback on how well constructed our music was – we heard ‘that would make a great song’ multiple times. Beat battle beats tend to be over the top programming, specifically design for battles – Thats not something we really wanted to get into, so we concentrated on making beats for songs.

NODFACTOR: How did you land your first placement?

Brian:Our first major replacement was kind of an accident. Upon the release of Yung Joc’s “New Joc City”, we found a track of ours on the album, but we’ll just leave it at that..

NODFACTOR: THat being said, what advice do you have for producers on the come up?

BRIAN: Really it’s all about work ethic. Just keep working. Keep making beats, keep networking, just keep at it.

NODFACTOR: What’s next for late ’09/10?

BRIAN: We have tracks coming out with Killer Mike for several of his upcoming projects, Alabama rapper Yelawolf, A.Leon Craft, Serius Jones, M.Anifest from Minneapolis by way of Ghana, more releases with IceWater Inc. and Raekwon., and we can also give you the exclusive announcement that we are going to be shooting a video for “Cold Outside” this winter with Raekwon.

NODFACTOR: Ghost has one of the best verses of the year on that beat. What did you think when you heard the final cut?

BRIAN:We are just honored to be a part of the project and to be alongside all the other producers involved. It’s definitely an epic track.

NODFACTOR: That’s what’s up. I’ll try and be at that shoot. Thanks so much for taking the time out to talk to Nodfactor.Definitely keep me posted on anything you guys have going on.

Rich: Thanks a lot man! I been checking out the site regularly after discovering it a few months back.

Brian: We appreciate it! Be on the look out for more from us and TheHydrilla.com in 2010! Peace!

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