Bloggin 4 Breaks: We Love You Sade

JLBarrow • December 07, 2009 • 1 Comment

Real talk, Sade was my first crush. I had a pin up of her my high school locker on some cornball shit but I look like a genius in retrospect. The first single from her new CD, “Soldier Of Love” drops today and I’m pretty sure it will have all music lovers wetting themselves. So I started to think about sampling her and dug up a couple of her songs that were sacrificed to the sampling gods.

MF DOOM “Doomsday”
Straight jacks “Kiss Of Life” the way only a villain can

Kiss Of Life

Mobb Deep – “Where Ya Heart At,” Great bass line is hard to ignore, but Hav flipped the guitar from 2:26 something lovely.

Inspekta Deck’s “Trouble Man”

Pete Rock dismembers “Paradise” with Dexter-like precision and sprinkles a little Curtis Mayfield in  for sazon.


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1 Comment

  • jdunka • 11 years ago

    I loved Sade too!!!!