AUDIO: Mr. Porter Gives Props To Khalil & Hi-Tek

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Gaffled from 2dopeboyz (who put the .45 to the back of YHTN)

Mr Porter calls into The Friday Night Live show and the interviewer starts out saying “The focus is of course about Mr. Porter the producer” but then goes into mad talk about Eminen and Relapse 2.*shrug*

Stuff we care about?

“I’m working on a solo project finally” (SCORE!)

“I think DJ Khalil is  the most creative of the five of us (Dre, Nottz, Hi-Tek, Khalil, Focus and myself) I was one of the firs producers Dre started working with after Everbody brings a different thing to the table. Khalil is one of the most creative guy I’ve ever heard, Focus is really technical and Hi-Tek is the essence of…when you think of hip-hop and Hi-Tek you always associate him with a Talib Kweli song but the guy is really deep as far as music.  Everybody just plays a position…I would consider myself the nucleus because I can do everything they can do. We inspire each other because we respect each other. ”


Damn, coulda asked  him about THIS…

or this

or this

or this

Can’t wait to get up with this man again…

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