Tonedeff Wants To Change Hip-Hop’s DNA

JLBarrow • September 30, 2009 • No Comments

In November Melodyne will finally be releasing Direct Note Access (DNA)  which is in Beta now. The plug-in promises to revolutionize music manipulation and QN5’s Tonedeff breaks down why sampling will never be the same.

Basically… in terms of hip hop… imagine sampling something and completely changing the actual melody and keeping the feel of the recording… keep the sampled flav and not get sued. You can take a piano riff and replay the recording like it was MIDI or a string/guitar sample and flip keep the realistic feel without having to resort to cheesy synths. Basically this plugin lets you literally play with pre-recorded audio like it was midi. You could never do that before.

If I had a sample with some shit on it…and I didn’t like one note…I’d have to select that whole portion and pitch shift it to fix it… now, I can just reach into that specific instrument and fix that one note without affecting anything else in the sound or changing the timing of it, make it louder/softer, etc. The applications are pretty much fucking endless… it changes everything. We’ll be allowed to sample again cause I can take “Apache” and flip it so that it’s no longer “Apache” anymore…but keep the instruments. Apache will now be a patch.

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