Bloggin 4 Beats: Don’t Say Nuthin (Roots Remix)

JLBarrow • June 07, 2009 • No Comments

If you’re like me, you can appreciate when your favorite group experiments with a new sound but quietly wish they’d give you more of what you love them for. So the thinking behind this remix was to take the Roots “Don’t Say Nuthin,” produced by former bandmember Scott Storch, and recreate it in  the jazzy   Do You Want More vibe that first endeared me to the group.

The skeleton is actually kicks and snares from ?uestlove beats with various sounds and samples wrapped around it. I even threw in some guitar to tap into the Captain Kirk era. I gotta get in the studio with ?uest soon. Since The Roots are retiring from touring he should be easier to pin down, right?

[audio:Don’t Say Nothin Remix.mp3]
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