DJ Qbert Opens Skratch University

JLBarrow • May 11, 2009 • No Comments

Imagine if we had a chance, as aspiring MCs, to meet face to face, learn one on one, with the likes of Eric B and Rakim or Jay Z. To be able to ask them how they execute their lyrics flawlessly and where they get their inspiration for such sophisticated metaphors. To immediately converse with them and cut the lag time of learning a specific skill exponentially.
Today DJ Qbert presides over the groundbreaking online DJ school, Qbert Skratch University, which uses the most advanced technology available for learning on the fly and on your own home computer.  Simple Internet video technology has instantly allowed aspiring DJs and producers to participate in Qbert’s comprehensive video curriculum, call and response skratch sessions, and to interact with other students worldwide via forums, chat, and the Student Center. The QSkratchU is now the most comprehensive and influential Skratch education program available to DJs today and clearly maintains DJ Qbert’s 20 year, leading edge prominence in the field of skratching, DJ competitions and musical skratch advancement. He stands as one of the World’s best DJs and he is now leaving his legacy through the Qbert Skratch University.


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