Jake One & J-Dilla Helping DOOM Give Birth In March

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Mask-wearing hip-hop maverick DOOM (previously MF Doom) unveils his imminent new album, BORN LIKE THIS – a tour de force of thrillingly intricate and diabolically original songwriting. BLT is his first full-length solo offering in over four years.

As well as head-spinningly complex, reference-rich rhymes, DOOM also provides the majority of the peerless production himself with just 2 tracks here featuring the studio skills of others. Credit for crafting the bounciest of beats on short yet sweet BALLSKIN goes to Washington’s Jake One, whilst the much-missed J Dilla’s magical psychedelic jamboree illuminates LIGHTWORKS. Guest vocalists include founding Wu Tang Clan members Ghostface and Raekwon, with the former appropriately appearing in his cartoon-inspired Tony Starks guise.

BORN LIKE THIS takes its title from Charles Bukowski’s dystopian poem, ‘Dinosauria, We’, read by its author and re-scored by DOOM on CELLZ. Sharp-eared followers of the interesting end of hip-hop may recognize some of the album’s lineage – the instrumental of LIGHTWORKS is a highlight of J Dilla’s Donuts and an early demo of ANGELZ has circulated in cyberspace – however, the rest of the newborn record’s 16 tracks are 100% fresh and, until now, unheard.

DOOM’s previous solo adventures and escapades include output as alternative alter egos ‘King Geedorah’- a three-headed monster from outer-space – and ‘Viktor Vaughan’ – a DOOM spin-off who exists in a technologically advanced parallel dimension – as well as collaborative albums with Madlib (as ‘Madvillian’), Danger Mouse (‘DangerDOOM’), and a cameo on Gorillaz Demon Days opus.

BORN LIKE THIS will be released worldwide by Lex Records

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