No Easy Mo Bee On “Notorious” Soundtrack

JLBarrow • December 04, 2008 • 1 Comment

Hiphopdx has reported that unreleased demos from Biggie’s pre-Bad Boy days will be used in the up-coming Notorious biopic. However, producer Easy Mo Bee, who recorded many of Biggie’s early songs including “Party & Bullshit,” as well as a bulk of his debut, Ready to Die, will not be scoring any of the film.

“Mysteriously, the film was wrapped up and didn’t include me,” Mo Bee told The Urban “I had a consultant who was closely in touch with the film and with Bad Boy and for some reason, without any contact, they wrapped up the film and moved on without me. Actually, I’m kind of hurt by it because I’m the initial producer that B.I.G. started with. I’m the building block to the sound of Biggie.”

There is no word at press time as to whether the demos being used were produced by Easy Mo Bee.

Check back to for a feature interview with the legendary producer where he discusses producing Biggie classics with Chuck Thompson and early tracks for The RZA.

– Jerry L. Barrow

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