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Name: MP3

Representing: Philadelphia, PA

Contact: MySpace


Interview by Christopher Buckley

Nodfactor: What does MP3 stand for? How did you guys come about?

Alex: MPIII was a random name that came about one day as we were looking through iTunes. We had to convert some files to mp3 format and Alex said “YO” that’s the name for us. We all agreed on the name and ever since that day we were MPIII, which stands for Music Producers x 3 brothers. We knew one another since birth. We were a squad since we came out the womb.

Nodfactor: How do you define MP3’s sound?
Alex: It’s kinda difficult to describe MPIII sound because we are so versatile. If we had to describe our sound we would be a mixture between Polow Da Don and Kanye West.

Nodfactor: What are some of the obstacles your team has faced so far?

Rog: We’ve had problems with previous management earlier on in our musical journey. We also had a lot of cats who loved our music but weren’t willing to put money in our pockets. We never got the support from our parents, and also struggled to get studio time when we didn’t have our own equipment.

Nodfactor: Give me a little musical background on each of you guys; what are your strong points?

Freddy: We grew up deeply in Jamaican heritage and music was always in the house.. We all play different musical instruments. Alexspec and FreddyGenivs are the drummers of the squad and Rog Rebel plays keys and bass, so we try to gear our production around our roots.

Nodfactor: Who are some of your musical influences, who would you compare your style or sound to?

Freddy: Some of our musical influences are Kanye West, Heatmakerz, Timbaland, Neptunes, Polow Da Don but mainly Jimmy Rose and Drumcrazie who are close friends of ours. When nobody encouraged us they were the ones who told us not to give up and because of that our music has evolved into what it is today.

Nodfactor: How is MP3 representative of the Philly music scene & also how are you guys different?

Freddy: We represent the Philly music scene in the way of being musically talented. Philly is known for a lot of great musicians. Although we are producers we are musicians as well. We are different because we are not afraid to experiment in different genres. We provide a wide service. We’re like Wal-Mart, a one-stop shop, while other people from Philly are your Dollar Tree, who don’t offer a wide variety.

Nodfactor: What are the group’s personal goals for the upcoming year?

Rog: Our goals are to stay humble, to press toward the mark of a higher calling (Philippians 3:14), and to get these placements!
Nodfactor: So I understand MP3 is a group within in a group, The Yuppies right? What are the positives & negatives you find working together in a group that size?

Alex: The positives and negatives are definitely dealing with perspectives because we’re each different but we still think 6 heads are better than 1. In the beginning we were competitive but after a year of working together we realized that as a camp we need to have unity and help rather than hurt one another, and now things couldn’t be better. Since we’re all are about making music our careers everybody just plays their role. We wouldn’t want Konscious who’s a writer to start making beats in MPIII. He’ll hear the beat and immediately begin doing his part which is writing and we just keep it moving. That’s why we formed the Yuppies. Most of us grew up together prior to the group but when we were trying to get a name for MPIII the name Yuppies was in the mix. We discarded it because MPIII was the name for us but when we researched the word Yuppie it was used for young urban professionals in the 1980s and we just wanted to bring that whole idea back. We’re all young, urban, and professional so we felt that the word embodies everything we are. The group consists of MPIII, David “Drumcrazie” Curby, Dana Starr, and Rashard “Konscious” Bryan. In October we will be having the one year anniversary of The Yuppies and we are just focused on making progress.

Nodfactor: Is there any artist that your currently working with that the industry should take notice of and watch out for?

Alex: The hottest rapper out the south Sugar Tongue Slim and Dana Starr and Local artist Chess. Watch out for them, they “CRAZY”.
Nodfactor: Many producers are looking for publishing deals nowadays because it so hard to get work on an album to album basis, is this something you would consider and if so why or why not?

Alex: HELL YEA! To see so many producers doing it and by seeing them do good makes us that much more hungry to get placements. So a pub deal would be a blessing from the most high. JAH!

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