Apple Juice Kid Working With Camp Lo

JLBarrow • September 29, 2008 • 1 Comment

Beat Battle Champion The Apple Juice Kid has taken his road show into the studio. The North Carolina based producer/drummer has formed a group with Camp-Lo’s Geechie Suede and has several co-productions in the works with Ski Beats. During a recent stop in NYC I caught up with the funky percussionist, who I profiled in the print version of Hydrosonics many years ago, and he shared his lessons on working with managers like Tony Perez being an up-and-coming producer in the industry.


Keep checking back to Nodfactor for a feature length interview with the Apple Juice Kid.

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1 Comment

  • TheRoyaltyATL • 13 years ago

    Nice interview… I’ve always liked his beats. Im sure he’ll bust soon!

    Interesting points — we just turned down a management deal coincidentally. Nothing like just having good relationships directly with artists. A&Rs usually amount to being a big waste of time.