K-Def In-Store At Fat Beats Records

JLBarrow • August 13, 2008 • No Comments

On Tuesday August 13th, producer K-Def did a 2 hour DJ set at Fat Beats in support of his new release, Beats From The 90s. Beats is a compilation of vintage Def instrumentals, most of which have remained unreleased until now. Fat Beats had vinyl copies of Beats and K-Def’s 2006 beat tape, Willie Boo Boo ‘The Fool’, recently reissued after being out-of-print. K-Def spun a nice mix of his instrumentals, newer cuts (Ghostface’s “It’s Over,” ODB’s “Who Can Make It Happen Like Dirt?”), and classics like “Chief Rocka” and his remix of Nas’ “Street Dreams.”

I snapped some pictures of Def working the decks. Watch some video of K-Def’s set below.

-Aaron Matthews

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