Pharoahe Monch Doing Battle With Producers

JLBarrow • August 08, 2008 • 5 Comments

Troy Donald Jameson knows how impatient his fans are. After waiting seven years between the release of his solo CDs, Internal Affairs and Desire, Pharoahe Monch has a boatload of music on the way.

“I have a concept record called the Verses Project with producers I’ve never worked with before,” Pharoahe told “It’ll come out like a comic book and be distributed digitally. It’ll be like Pharoahe vs. Premier and Pharoahe vs RZA. Then you can purchase the whole [series] for $5. “

The MC and producer, who laid the beat for his biggest hit “Simon Says,” is busy recording several projects at once. His first project, Let My People Go, should be out later this year and hopes to bridge the gap between some of today’s artists and fans of his peers.
“Music should be a little more free. We shouldn’t be criticizing as much as we do,” he explains. “The artist and the radio are just as much at fault. But here is a piece of music that you can like. There’s a lot of collaborations. Where as Desire was more just me holding it down, this is going to have some special appearances.”
He is also working on a double EP called Rock Vs. Disco. The concept CD is a period piece that takes place in the late 70s and early 80s when Disco emerged and challenged rock.
“I grew up on both so this project is like a double EP with a rock influenced side and a disco influenced side. I’m gonna have t-shirts that say Rock vs Disco: Which Do you love.”
In addition to preparing a “Making of Internal Affairs” (the ten year anniversary of the classic disc is next year) Monch will be releasing “The Hidden Years” which is the music he recorded between Internal Affairs and Desire.

Keep checking back to for a complete interview with Pharoahe discussing his own musical processes and the influence of producers like the late Paul C, Large Professor and Denaun Porter.


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