Why Producers Kill Their Neighbors

JLBarrow • July 17, 2008 • No Comments

The flood. After the fire it is the most feared and common source of pain for music collectors and producers. It’s even worse when it’s not a natural flood brought on by rain. QN5 producer/MC Tonedeff had his home studio ruined by an absent-minded…ok…STUPID…upstairs neighbor:

Water raped my studio in the rectum on Tuesday night. Sans KY.

In a twist only Stephen King himself would’ve been able to conjure up, one of my upstairs neighbors decided it would be a good idea to thaw out some meat with hot water in his kitchen sink while leaving the stopper in it…and then leave the apartment.

The results?

Basically, it rained on my entire fucking studio. Water came through the floorboards and basically made a bee-line through my ceiling and completely drenched my entire system, cords, monitors, speakers and worst of all – my external hard drives.

Read the rest of his lament HERE.

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