Big Pun Producer Domingo Hustles Beats on MySpace

JLBarrow • June 24, 2008 • 1 Comment

Most people may know him for shattering dreams with Big Pun, but Qn5 producer Domingo has been helping unsigned artists fulfill their dreams one beat at a time. In addition to television scoring the mind behind Big Pun’s “Dream Shatterer” has been selling beats to unsigned artists on MySpace for $50 a pop. It may not seem like much, but when you’re dealing in volume those dollars ad up.

“I made five figures off of it last year and will do a 100K this year easy,” he says. “I was gettin’ tons of emails from unsigned artists. So Memorial Weekend in 2006 I started and that weekend I raked in $5000. At that time I was selling them for $150 to $250 and I sold about 20 that weekend.”

In addition to the beat hustle Domingo is hooking up artists with MCs he knows like Sean Price, Ras Kass and Kool G Rap. “Some cats just want the verses, so I provide the connection,” he says. “Besides beats if you need verses holla.”

However, he still makes up to twenty beats a week just to “keep the bodega stocked.”

Hopefully we’ll be hearing some of his new material on Ras Kass’ upcoming CD, Institutionalized, due in August. Domingo, who has also bodied beats for KRS-One, Masta Ace, Tony Yayo and a slew of others will be the projects Executive Producer.

If you’re interested in buying beats from Domingo hit him directly at

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