Bloggin 4 Beats: The Love Rain Remix

JLBarrow • June 12, 2008 • 3 Comments

A few weeks ago I made a remix of Mary J Blige’s “Be Happy” using music from Jill Scott’s “Love Rain.” This time I revisited one of my favorite Jill Scott songs giving it a different spin with help from The Dell’s “In The Rain” and New Edition’s “Can You Stand The Rain.” It’s not nearly as corny as it sounds, trust me.

It’s the saddest, prettiest song ever and I worked hard to do it justice. I’m talking about chopping up four different breaks from two different songs and finding different drum patterns for each all in the same tempo type of dedication. And finding just the right change up right after she says “wildly staccato…” *sigh* Jilly girl, you be makin’ a brother wanna work. Here is to hearing things again for the first time…

p.s. I’ve been making liberal use of The SoundGoodizer “a stereo ‘maximizer-enhancer’ plugin based on the Maximus soundprocess engine.” It comes with FL 8, but Maximus is only a demo, don’t ask me why. It gives your finished tracks a nice spit shine.

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  • kriscain • 13 years ago

    interesting remix man… i cant say that it came out smooth though, the chops could use some work, they sound unfocused. I know when your working with samples its hard to get samples in the right key with the acapellas… you did a ok job at that as the song went on. I thought you missed the mark in the beginning though.

    Not bad at all though man.
    and the soundgoodizer is a coo plugin, but be careful not to overdo it… it can really smash up your dynamics and destroy your lo-end on your mix. You need to find a nice multiband compressor that you can use, so that you can keep your compressor away from the lo’s in the track.

    Peace man, and thanks for staying focused with this magazine shit!

  • admin • 13 years ago

    Hey Kriscain, thanks for the feedback! I definitely hear the distortion on the low-end when I play it in my car. I have to invest in some monitors stat. The compressors in FL seem to suck the life out of everything. Any suggestions?