J. Period and G. Brown Release New Biggie Mixtape

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(Brooklyn, NY)—One year after commemorating the 10th Anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.’s passing with the award-winning March 9 Remix Project (New York Magazine’s “Top 10 Mixtapes of 2007”), J.Period & G.Brown have assembled another mixtape classic to complete the March 9 Series: MARCH 9 V.2. Scheduled for release on Wednesday, May 21 (the 36th anniversary of Biggie’s birthday), J.Period & G.Brown will also pay respect with an Invitation Only Tribute Event, featuring a full night of live Biggie remixes!

To complete the March 9 saga, MARCH 9 V.2 takes a departure from the dark, gangster storytelling of Volume 1, and instead focuses on the high-rolling, player lifestyle Biggie dreamed about on his debut single: “It was all a dream…” (“Juicy” is the first remix featured on MARCH 9 V.2.) From a street kid selling drugs, to a superstar living a lavish lifestyle, Biggie’s lyrics contained both the best hopes and worst nightmares a kid from Bed-Stuy could envision, and both came to life through Biggie’s vivid lyricism.
Showcasing these different sides of B.I.G. on each volume, J.Period & G.Brown’s March 9 Series recalls the “Life Side” and “Death Side” of Ice Cube’s classic Death Certificate (another hip hop epic about street life and redemption) and helps explain why hip hop’s favorite MC’s—2Pac, Biggie, Big L—always seem to suffer the same fate. March 9 V.1 is the “Death” side: his crime-ridden Bed-Stuy roots. MARCH 9 V.2 is the “Life” side: the fantasy of success he could only dream about growing up. Like 2Pac, the legend B.I.G. created for himself was ultimately his undoing.
With a Biggie movie on tap for Fox Searchlight next year, B.I.G.’s legend will only continue to grow. MARCH 9 V.2 pays respect to that legend: from nothing to everything (“When I was dead broke, man I couldn’t picture this…”), the ultimate underdog with the ladies (“Black and ugly as ever…”) but with a lyrical gift so undeniable that it brought him everything he dreamed of, and made him one of the most legendary MC’s of all-time.
MARCH 9 V.2 will be available as an exclusive gift-bag giveaway at J.Period & G.Brown’s B.I.G. Birthday Tribute Event on Wednesday, May 21. This event is Invitation Only, and will not be open to the public. Guests will enjoy non-stop Biggie classics and March 9 remixes all night long, and receive gift bags including J.Period & G Brown’s award-winning March 9 Remix Series, Skull Candy headphones, and more. A donation will also be made to the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation, in memory of B.I.G.
Brooklyn’s Finest R.I.P.
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